Running Totorials with HoloLens

During the Pre Studies it was possible to test Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality smartglasses. The tutorials were helpful to teach the gestures and gaze paradigms in order to use the HoloLens in the Main Study. Here is a video of using HoloLens with basic holograph objects:

Video: Introducing Microsoft HoloLens Glasses and use cases.

Video: Office Gadgets with HoloLens. The models can be small like these ones.


Writing to .txt file in Unity

The current Unity3D version of emotivear study program stores the user data to a .txt file. The benefits of this kind of approach are, for example, the possibility:

  • to store user data digitally and use it in Excel format fast (compared to paper study format)
  • to store the data accordingly during the study.
  • for user to be immersed to a study environment during the whole study
// This code is used by Juho Kastemaa in the MCSFemale Study of Emotions. 
// This writes a data.txt file in the ASSETS folder if it doesn't exist.
// Then it writes the answers. See Unity3D GUI.

public class CreateAFile : MonoBehaviour {...
// Created the filepath C# class from MS 

Link to the Class:

Thank you for Niklas: who did his Master’s thesis using similar method and thank for lingoded Dev Dude to helping me with technological script in storing Character PreFabs to a Unity GUI list. This helped me to switch between multiple characters in a study.