Character Creation and Existing Games

Designing characters using an interface that the user can use to modify diffeernt characteristics of the player is familiar from Role Playing Games, for example, Dragon Age Inquisition and Life Simulation Games, such as Sims.

Video: Sims Character Creation.

The user has the option to modify and make a character they like to use in a game play. Some games let the user to choose from almost unlimited options of modifications (Sims) or give just a bunch of models the player can use to modify their characters (Dragon Age Inquisition and World of Warcraft).

I’m interested in the parameters and sliders the game developers and designers have used in their Character Creation. How detailed the character should be for the player? Should there be unlimited option to choose from or just a few? Here are a couple of videos about the character creation:

Video: Dragon Age Inquisition Character Creator.

Video: World of Warcraft Character Creator.

These tools are great for designers, but not (as far as I know) used in Social Robotics to create and modify characters.


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